The journey has started

The time has come, the journey has started! After 4 nights spent in Bangkok, busy with the last preparations, I started on Tuesday,the  22th of September at 5:15. I want to say a big „thank you“ to Arndt who provided me with his couch and his time. As important was his help for choosing the route for the next 6 weeks in Thailand. For some reasons, Myanmar is no longer part of my trip, it would be an disproportionate price to go there. Due to the preparation and GoogleMaps, which was much better than a normal map in this case, the 50 miles out of the city weren’t a problem. First I followed an unfinished elevated railway section und later a channel which took me out to the countryside.

The first night I camped between flooded rice fields and found a snake under my bags. It didn’t look like one of the poisoneous ones. In the morning the farmer came to my tent but he just laughed and said „no problem“ – why can’t it be so easy in Germany? During the day I visited some temples in Ayuttahya, while biking the temperature reached 50 degree celsius in the sun, at the moment I drink 4 liters of water per day. In the evening I couldn’t find a place to stay so I asked a family for a place to put up my tent. „Asked“ means I showed a photo of my tent and my bike, asking „sleep?“ and pointing around.  They kindly invited me to their home. They let me place my mosquito net in their living room (without walls, there are no cold temperatures), they offered their washing machine and I was invited to have dinner with them, great! Somehow a old man, who was not a part of the family, lived with them. He spoke a little bit of English and we talked while he was drinking half a bottle of liqour in no more than 45 minutes. Soon he was just able to speak Thai and womewhat later he fell from his chair and slept. The family took it serenely, at least outwardly.

The next drizzling day brought me to Lopburi, a temple settled by monkeys. I was even warned before that they are a thievish kin. After maybe 10 minutes they discovered my bicycle, five of them jumped on it and started to pull on everything they could grasp. Some kicks and my airhorn helped, but you couldn’t turn your back to them. In the evening I found a hut next to a rice field. The next day was difficult, a lot of rain, miry ways, technical problems. In the evening I wanted to visit a temple where millions of bats fly out of a cave during sunset and the plan was to stay in the nearby monastery. But the three monks I met there were not in the right mood. The first one quickly shut the door when I came to his house, the second just stared at his smartphone and the third one just ignored me. So I forgot about it and found a beautiful quarry out of use near to the monastery, perfect!
In the next days I will move northwest, the next bigger city is Tak.

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  1. Samu 19. October 2017

    Das hat du aber schön beschrieben. Ich kann mir die Gespräche mit den Einheimischen lebhaft vorstellen. Frei nach dem Motto: “we have a hook outside”. Da wäre ich ja zu gerne mal ein paar Wochen mit dabei. Zum Glück kontest du anhand deiner Inventarliste sofort sehen, ob die Affen was geklaut haben ; )

  2. Bertram 10. October 2017

    Hallo Johannes,

    schön ein wenig mitzureisen. Die Affen heute morgen waren sehr erfrischend zum Arbeitsbeginn im deutschen Büro !

  3. Hans (Jürgen) 9. October 2017

    Hallo Johannes! Ich werde interessiert verfolgen, wie’s Dir ergeht. Du machst, was ich auch gern getan hätte. Du bist ein sächsischer Held! Wir sind stolz auf Dich! Viel Glück und gute Reise wünscht Dir Hans Huth (dor Baba vom Mathi)

  4. Mathias 8. October 2017

    Du verrückter Hund! Lass dich nich aufessen.

  5. Tine und Willi 6. October 2017

    Geile Fotos, Geile Storys, Geiler Tüp!
    Wir sind in Gedanken bei dir.

  6. Abdul 3. October 2017

    Hi Johannes

    You have made nice photos like always 🙂
    I hope the best for you on your trip 😉


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